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Besides Horseback Safaris, Princess Trails is offering a variety of other activities to you. Situated on a farm about 7 km out of Udaipur, we are easily reached by car or auto rickshaw. On prior notice we certainly arrange transportation for you free of charge.

We offer:


Riding holidays:

Combining the pleasure of horseback riding and the enjoyment of experiencing the cultural highlights of Udaipur and around, our Riding holidays are a perfect blend. Stay in a comfortable hotel in Udaipur, go sightseeing in the morning and come out for a ride in the afternoon. Transportation and guidance will be provided. You decide your program and we make sure that you will have a gorgeous time with us in Udaipur.

Horse back Riding

Horse back Riding

Horseback Riding:

If you do not have sufficient time to go on a longer horseback safari with us, we propose you go out for a short ride. With a range of enjoyable things to see and a stunning landscape around, it is really worth it. Leave the bustle of the city behind you and enjoy the peaceful nature around Udaipur on the back of a Marwari horse.


Royal Carriage Rides:

Have you ever wanted to feel like royalty? Here is your ultimate chance. Take a ride with our antique 200-year-old horse-drawn buggy or gig around Udaipur. With the driver and attendant traditionally dressed up, you will surely draw attention.


Horse back Riding

Village Safaris:

Do you want to experience the real India? Then come and join us on a Village Safari. You will be taken by jeep to a tribal village where you can see their housing and craftwork. If you like you can try their typical food, which you will not find in any restaurant of Udaipur. An experienced English-speaking guide will accompany you and tell you about their life and customs. He will also translate any questions you might have. This is an off-the-beaten track experience, for people interested in Indian culture.


Bullock Cart Rides:

Experience first-hand an age-old Indian means of transportation. This is something defiantly out of the ordinary and you will be hard-pressed to find it somewhere else.Since we try to make it as comfortable as possible for you, it is a very relaxing and peaceful way of seeing India.



Bullock Cart Rides

Camel Riding:

No time to go to Jaisalmer or Bikaner? Then let us take you for a Camel ride or Camel Cart drive in Udaipur. It is certainly just as much fun and excitement. And the landscape is much more interesting. Our camels are obedient, well trained and well kept. A typical Indian experience you should not miss!

Camel Safaris:

We also organize Camel Safaris around Bikaner, just give as a prior notice and we will arrange everything according to your wishes.


Nature Walks:

For people interested in the flora and fauna, we have designed something completely new. Join us on a Nature Walk and learn about the local vegetation and plant life. On the way you will be able to spot numerous birds, peacocks and small mammals. You might encounter flocks of goats or sheep. Together with an experienced guide you can visit a small village and experience the rural life of India.


Nature Walks
If you have anything else in mind, which you would like to do, please do not hesitate to ask us. We would be most happy to help you with your further traveling through Rajasthan. For further information and prices please contact us.

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