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This is the traditional welcome every person will encounter one time or the other in Rajasthan. It reflects the age-old institution of hospitality, which is so greatly a part of Indian culture. Come and join us for a royal adventure, a great regal tradition, a horse safari.

An age-old way of travelling and time pass for the Maharajas, the kings, princes and nobles, it was practiced in India for centuries and is now revived for visitors and horse-lovers. Let us take you into a whole new world, vibrant and extraordinary. Encounter with us the colours of Rajasthan in this most unique and time-honoured way.

Princess Trails is run by a member of one of the oldest and most honoured noble families of Udaipur, whose history is interwoven with horses for many centuries, and his German wife. Make a spectacular journey to the past and discover the colourful history of India.

Let us introduce you to our special royal Marwari horses, an ancient breed of warhorses whose history is entwined with the history of Rajasthan and the Rajputs. It is rightly said that “one cannot separate a Rajput from his horse” and there is a saying: “If God did not create the horse, he would not have created the Rajput.”

This makes it quite clear what a role the horse played and is still playing in Rajasthan. The cow is holy but the horse is divine and still serves as a symbol of strength and wealth. So a visit to Rajasthan is a visit to a horse country of the finest order. In every village a fort can be found, in every village some horses can be found. And even in these village horses, often thin and over-worked, one can still see a former gleam of royalty in their eyes.

The Marwari horse used to be the horse of the king and his nobles. Bred for war and show, they still display a remarkable pride and dignity. Their ears are distinctively curved inwards in a lyre-shape, which makes them unique and easily recognizable.

We invite you to meet and ride these very exceptional horses and only then you will be able to understand the culture of Rajasthan, which is so deeply entangle with these animals, wholly. We are an experienced safari operator and our main concern and highest priority is the safety of horse and rider.

Our aim is to provide our guests with the best quality and most unique equestrian experience possible. Come as a guest and leave as a friend. We personally manage every ride and every safari and cater all special wishes our guests may have. From tailor-made horseback safaris to cosy candlelight dinners, everything is possible. So if you have a special wish, please do not hesitate to ask us.

We hope to welcome you soon.

Fam. Virendra Singh Shaktawat

German Language English Language
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